Ravi Tiwari - BJP Delhi (Bhartiya Janata Party)

Ravi Tiwari – District Vice President at BJYM, outer Delhi

Ravi Tiwari is a dynamic and emerging youth leader of the BJP in Delhi. Ravi Tiwari made his political presence known in 2016 when he took on the responsibility of minister at Young Morcha, Nihal Vihar Mandal, New Delhi.

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In Delhi, Ravi Tiwari is eager to lead the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) forward and enhance public support. During his tenure as the leader of the BJP in Delhi, Ravi Tiwari has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and deep dedication to the well-being of his constituents. Serving as the head of the outer BJP Delhi IT Cell, he has contributed significantly.

The primary objectives of Ravi Tiwari, leader of BJP Delhi, in entering politics include promoting social development, advancing education, boosting economic prosperity, and ensuring better healthcare facilities for the general public. Ravi Tiwari’s strategic vision and relentless efforts have played a crucial role in enhancing the socio-economic structure of the region. Ravi Tiwari is perceived as an accessible leader who genuinely cares about the welfare of the people.

What Is The Academic Background Of Ravi Tiwari?

The BJP Delhi leader, Ravi Tiwari, comes from a mature and strong academic background. He did his schooling at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pashchim Vihar, New Delhi, with the first division. Subsequently, he pursued education in mechanical engineering at TMU University. He completed his MBA from TMU University as well. Currently, Ravi Tiwari, the leader of the BJP in Delhi, is pursuing a Ph.D.

Ravi Tiwari’s Contribution To Public Welfare?

Ravi Tiwari has been doing a lot of things for public welfare with his own money. He did not receive any financial help from the government. He is always there to solve local issues and improve public welfare. He has done so much work for the public without holding any official position. All these things cannot be described in one article. But we are trying to highlight some highlights of his commendable initiatives towards public welfare.

Food Arrangements During COVID For More Than 200 People

We saw a huge mess in society during COVID. The markets were closed because of the lockdown. In such conditions, people were facing so many problems to fulfil their daily needs. People who came to Delhi for livelihood, leaving their hometown, were facing so many difficulties in search of bread and butter. They could not get the work done and earn money due to the lockdown. In such a difficult scenario, Ravi Tiwari decided to help these people. He arranged free meals for more than 200 needy and poor people per day. He took on the responsibility of feeding their family. He performed all these things without taking even a single penny from the government. He did all this work at his own expense, without any government assistance.

Ravi Tiwari Conducted The Namo Awareness Campaign

Ravi Tiwari conducted a Namo App awareness campaign in Nihal Vihar, Delhi, for more than 10 days at different places. He tried to spread awareness about the Namo app. He encouraged people to install the Namo app. Ravi Tiwari informed people about the Modi government’s achievements and projects through this awareness camp. He tried to be aware of usage and benefits of the Namo App. In Delhi, Ravi Tiwari played a crucial role in empowering the BJP (Bhartiya Janata Paty) at ground level.

Free Insecticide Spraying For Mosquitoes

In the Nihal Vihar ward of Delhi, Ravi Tiwari, the leader of BJP Delhi, took the initiative to distribute free insecticides for mosquitoes using his funds and without any government assistance. There was a lot of pollution in that area. The government was not taking any interest in cleaning that area. The Delhi government failed to launch any cleanliness scheme. In such conditions, people had to live with life-threatening diseases due to pollution every day.

The current Kejriwal government in Delhi has failed in its cleanliness campaign. So, Ravi Tiwari again came out to help people and launched this insecticide spraying for mosquitoes using his funds. He tried to solve the burning problem of people so they could get away from this life-threatening disease due to pollution.

Free Street Lights

The people of Delhi were fed up with scams and corruption by the Congress party. So, this time they opted for Arvind Kejriwal as Chief Minister with huge hope. But he too could not deliver on the expectations of the public. Every evening, it is very dark and dense in Nihal Vihar ward, Delhi. Because there are no proper street lights. People find it very difficult to walk on the roads. Street food vendors and pedestrians also suffer a lot from walking on the road. It is the government’s responsibility to install streetlights on the road. Ravi Tiwari once again took responsibility and provided street lights using his funds.

Through this article, we have discussed various aspects of the life of Ravi Tiwari, the leader of the BJP in Delhi. We went through his education, political debut, and the extensive work he has undertaken for the public. The continuous growth in his stature and responsibilities within the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) reflects Ravi Tiwari’s resilient, hardworking, and grounded leadership. We hope that you have found this article enjoyable and informative.