PM Modi Ensures Social Security By Launching Atal Pension Scheme – Ravi Tiwari, BJP Leader

Young and emerging BJP leader Ravi Tiwari enumerated the achievements of Modi Ji’s tenure and said that the Atal Pension Yojana helped economically weaker people secure their lives.

Atal Pension Scheme

The Modi government is ensuring the social security of India through the Atal Pension Scheme. The Modi government has priorities to protect the future of economically weaker people.

BJP leader Ravi Tiwari added that the Atal Pension Yojana is a scheme that secures the future of people who work in the unorganized sector. These people do not have much money to save, which causes them to struggle in their old age. They cannot arrange their daily needs. Prime Minister Modi made some effort to raise the future of these people by launching this scheme. This scheme has been able to bring some positive change to the poor’s lives.

What Is The Atal Pension Scheme?

Ravi Tiwari said that through this scheme, registered people must deposit a certain amount in their account every month. When a person turns 60 years old, he will be able to get one thousand to five thousand, depending on their investment, as a pension every month. So that they do not have to depend on another person to manage their livelihood in old age.

As we know, the labor class cannot work throughout life. As they pass a certain age, their mental and physical power do not allow them to keep working. This makes their lives so difficult in old age. But now they do not have to get scared to arrange their daily needs when they turn 60. By launching this scheme, PM Modi has given them proper financial support in old age.

Ravi Tiwari explained that in this scheme, more than 60 million people have registered. People find this scheme very fruitful for them. More than 7.9 million enrollments have been made so far in the financial year 2023–24. If you want to benefit from this scheme, then you should visit your nearest post office or bank.

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