PM Modi Gifts Electronic Buses Under FAME-2 Scheme To Delhi – Ravi Tiwari, BJP Delhi Leader

Young and energetic BJP leader Ravi Tiwari praised PM Modi’s development for the betterment of society. PM Modi gifted five hundred new electronic buses under the FAME-2 project. The central government has put some efforts into facilitating daily commuters to Delhi.

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Young BJP Leader Ravi Tiwari Applauded The Development Done By PM Modi:

Ravi Tiwari said that PM Modi always focuses on finding the solution to the public’s problems. His development projects have only one aim, and that is the betterment of society and the country. Through this mindset, you often have positive results. Once again, PM Modi showed his leadership qualities and decided to solve the traffic troubles in Delhi. He takes the initiative to provide five hundred new electronic buses. This scheme will provide facilities to daily commuters. We know that so many people in Delhi travel a lot for job or business purposes every day.

Gift Of Electric Buses Under The FAME-2 Scheme:

Ravi Tiwari added that these buses are being operated under the FAME-2 project. Which will help to improve the environment, and people in Delhi will have a sigh of relief from traffic problems.

The Prime Minister Is Worried For The Environment:

BJP leader Ravi Tiwari added to his speech and said that PM Modi committed to development. While doing the development projects, he is trying to make sure that the environment is not harmed. The operation of these buses will not only provide convenience to the passengers but will also bring positive changes in the fields of employment, business, and environmental protection.

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