PM Modi opens Ten Thousand ‘Jan Aushadhi Kendras’—BJP Leader Ravi Tiwari

Young and energetic BJP leader Ravi Tiwari said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened ten thousand ‘Jan Aushadhi Kendra’ across the country. PM Modi launched the last one on November 30, 2023. PM Modi targeted this number towards the end of March 2024, but he achieved that target within time.

We Indians are habitually experiencing delays in any government scheme. But PM Modi has been able to break this continuation by achieving this target in time. This is an indication of a new and emerging India. It also indicates that India is on the path of continuous development.

What Is Janaushadhi Kendra?

In this article, young BJP leader Ravi Tiwari tried to elaborate on Jan Aushadhi Kendra. PM Jan Aushadhi Kendra is a scheme dedicated to the poor of India. This scheme will provide some relief to economically weaker people from expensive medicines.

In these shops, you will get generic medicine, which will cost you 50 to 90 percent less compared to branded medicine. A person with any kind of incurable disease can buy cheap medicines.

The medicines you get on the market are branded, whereas here you get generic medicines. Both types of medicine have the same formula and salt. The medicines you get from Jan Aushadhi Kendra are as impactful as branded medicines.

Why Are The Medicines Of Jan Aushadhi Kendra Cheaper?

This is a commonly asked question: why are the medicines of Jan Aushadhi Kendra so cheap? Is there any adulteration in medicines? Are these medicines not effective as compared to branded medicines? While purchasing generic medicines from Jan Aushadhi Kendra, we have so many doubts that we ignore going to Jan Aushadhi Kendra and opt for expensive branded medicines.

Lack of quality is not a reason behind the cheap price of Jan Aushadhi Kendra’s medicine at all. They do not spend money on marketing and advertising. These companies do not have any patents. These are generic medicines. These companies do not spend a penny on research and development.

These medicines are made only from the formula discovered by a branded company. They only have to bear the production and packaging costs. These medicines have very simple packaging, which does not let the price go up. The distributors of these medicines do not make a high profit.

These are the main reasons for the cheap price of Jan Aushadhi Kendra’s medicines. Jan Aushadhi Kendra does not compromise the quality and effectiveness of medicines. Millions of patients are benefiting from cheap medicines from Jan Aushadhi Kendra across the country.

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