BJP Delhi Leader, Ravi Tiwari: PM Modi describes The Real Castes Of India

Young and energetic BJP leader Ravi Tiwari addressed the party workers. He narrated PM Modi’s speech on the real caste of India. In this article, you will see some highlights of his speech.

Ravi Tiwari started his speech by saying that Narendra Modi took charge as Prime Minister in 2014. He has been struggling to make India a developed and prosperous country. On the one hand, the opposition parties are disturbing the development process in India by dividing the people into castes and religions. The opposition parties are engaging in divisive politics.

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On the other hand, Prime Minister Modi has a different idea of taking India to the next level by uniting the nation into one thread. Some so-called politics are dividing India into castes through continuous scheming. They are blowing up the constitution of India, which was formed by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. According to the Constitution, every citizen is equal.

Ravi Tiwari added that opposition leaders only focus on grabbing power by engaging in divisive politics. They have nothing to do with the development and prosperity of India. By hook or crook, they only need power. They do not have any clear roadmap for raising the poor and youngsters. They hardly show any interest in making women and former independents, but PM Narendra Modi is concerned for the poor, former youth, and women. PM Modi clearly said that I can see only four categories in the country, which are poor, former, youth, and women. PM Modi aims to serve these people. Without empowering these people, we cannot make India a developed country. Empowering these people is a very important step when it comes to making India a developed country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched several public welfare schemes to make India a developed nation. You will get these points in this article.

Ravi Tiwari mentioned that PM Modi has launched many schemes such as ‘PM Avas Yojana’ for poor people to make them financially independent. Under this scheme, economically poor people will get free permanent housing. So, they can avoid rain and winter. They can spend their lives with pride and honor. In a temporary house, they always face the dangers of life and property. In the rainy season, any accident can take place. After getting a permanent house, they can simply get away with these unpleasant incidents.

PM Modi makes an effort to provide high-quality medical facilities to the poor by launching the Ayushman Bharat Scheme. Under this scheme, a person can avail free medical facilities up to five lakh rupees. These schemes brought positive changes to the lives of poor people.

Ravi Tiwari also mentioned ‘The PM Jan Dhan Yojana’. The primary motto of the Jan Dhan Yojana was to connect the people with the banking system. The people who do not have any accounts in banks opened their accounts with a zero balance. The government tried to bring these people into the mainstream of the economy. Nowadays, these account holders get government subsidies directly into their bank accounts. They do not need to face any middlemen to get the benefits.

Ravi Tiwari also praised the PM Mudra Yojana. He said that the Mudra Scheme played a vital role in empowering the entrepreneurs of the country. PM Modi tried to increase self-employment through this scheme. This scheme makes the youth employers instead of running behind in jobs. So many talented and skilled youngsters could not start their businesses due to financial scarcity. Prime Minister Modi provided the solution by launching the Mudra Scheme.

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