Prime Minister Modi Has Some Appeal To The Country- Young BJP Leader And Political Analyst Ravi Tiwari

The Prime Minister of India had appealed to the country. He asked for support from the country to carry forward his dream of making India a developed country. The young BJP leader and political analyst, Ravi Tiwari, tried to elaborate on this topic. PM Modi added that we cannot make India a developed country without the public’s contribution.

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  1. Try To Save Every Drop Of Water.

First of all, PM Modi discussed water, and he asked to save the water. He said that every drop of water is precious. Don’t leave any stone unturned to save water. We are already running campaigns like ‘Jal Hi Jivan Hai’. These projects are important parts of our routine lives. Still, we are not paying attention to saving water. If the Prime Minister had to interfere in this matter, that means this is a huge problem. Today, we can see that in so many places, the water level has gone down consistently. People always find it difficult to get drinkable water, especially in metropolises. In Delhi, people use only filtered water. Considering the above facts, we should save water.

  1. Digitalization Of Rural Areas:

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his second appeal to digitalize every village in the country. The digitalization of villages will make way for youth in terms of employment, business, and jobs. If we can make our villages digital, then we can use the technology at the optimum level. If the government introduces any scheme or project, it will be applicable with transparency and honesty.

A digitally well-equipped village can enhance the use of technology. The youth will get some new opportunities. Online marketing, e-commerce business, and social media content creation—there are so many fields where a young man can shape his career by being creative. So PM Modi has appeal in that sector too.

  1. Increase The Use Of Made-In-India Products.

Prime Minister Modi said to try to avoid foreign brands. Give priority to made-in-India products, which will provide some stability to the economy. That will grow the inner strength of the country’s economy. When we start using local products, it will help him grow his business. If he becomes a big taxpayer, it will help the country. If we have to assess the financial growth of any country, we can do that by looking at the industry of that particular country. How many companies in that particular country are doing well at the international level?

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