Young BJP Leader, Ravi Tiwari Describes The Result Of the 2023 Assembly Election And Casteism

The BJP enjoyed unprecedented success in the recent assembly election of five states. Young BJP leader Ravi Tiwari disclosed that the BJP proves all the exit polls and predictions wrong and forms the government with an absolute majority in three states (Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh) out of five. The BJP has been able to crack some success in one of the southern states, Telangana.

While addressing the party workers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the people started voting beyond the caste factor. Nowadays, a country seems to get away from casteism. Youngsters are paying more attention to development and prosperity. Casteism is not a big factor for them anymore. People are becoming aware, and they want their elected representatives to talk about development. They do not cause any separation in society through dirty politics. Casteism has not been fruitful for any society or any individual.

The caste factor is even more dangerous for those who talk about it. Because of the way your mindset works, your life will become like that. You will draw a line in your identity based on your caste. Wherever you draw the line, the development will not go beyond it.

BJP Delhi leader, Ravi Tiwari added that the time has come for every politician to make sure that the subject of politics will be developed. There will not be any place for separative politics like casteism. The subjects of politics should only be development and prosperity. You will not be able to achieve anything in life by taking pride in your caste. It is only a fake motivation. Casteism will not bring you any long-term benefits. It can only harm you as a society and country.

Today, politicians should learn how to bring equality to society. The public is fed up with these divisive politics. The youngsters want quality education and medical facilities. As a nation, we all want a corruption- and poverty-free society. Our politicians should start working on this project.

Towards the end, Ravi Tiwari gives a clear message for social harmony. One should talk about quality education, better medical facilities, and development. Instead of doing this, our politicians gave us the wrong identity, which is called ‘Caste’. As a society, we should evaluate any politician based on his performance, but we keep evaluating them based on the caste factor. The recent results of the assembly elections should be an eye-opener for these so-called politicians.

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