The Challenges And Issues For The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) In Delhi For The Upcoming Elections: Ravi Tiwari

The emerging youth leader of the BJP in Delhi, Ravi Tiwari, prepared a blueprint for the upcoming general and assembly elections. He added that the BJP has been winning the general elections consistently, but when it comes to the assembly elections, the party repeats the story of unexpected failure. It is a matter of inquiry as to where the BJP is lacking to register a victory in the assembly elections in Delhi so that the party can provide a better option to the people of Delhi in the upcoming assembly elections.

The people of Delhi tolerated the horrific 15 years of Congress rule. Then they brought the Aam Adami Party, led by Arvind Kejriwal, into power, but eventually, the public realized that it was only a waste of time. Kejriwal government is good for nothing. He made false and hollow claims to bring positive change and development to Delhi. Ultimately, the public understood the gimmick by Kejriwal. Before being Chief Minister, he said that he would not take any facilities, but he availed himself of everything. He did not leave any luxurious facilities, which he used to deny.

Instead of improving the economy, Kejriwal inculcated the habit of freebies among the people and ruined the economy. Now, people in Delhi have become aware by taking lessons from past experiences. People have decided to bring the BJP into power for social justice, inclusive development, and nationalism instead of freebies and corruption.

The BJP has to double its preparation for the upcoming assembly elections by feeling the pulse of the people. The party has to come up with a proper plan to solve all the burning problems of the public. The emerging youth leader of the BJP in Delhi has spoken to the people on these important issues. In this process, he did get some leads. At present, he is trying to find solutions on a personal level until the BJP comes into power.

Delhi’s Increasing Population And Employment Problems?

The continuously increasing population in Delhi is the most important issue. Delhi is the national capital region of the country; people do come here from across the country. The population in Delhi is growing. In such a condition, we need to find a solution to reduce the burden on the population in Delhi. The government has to employ the people by developing townships in the suburbs and settling them there. If this step is not taken, then a population explosion in Delhi will happen. If the BJP comes into power, then it can happen. Freebies are not going to help any society. A city has to be developed according to the future; it is necessary to have foresight.

Increasing Pollution In Delhi

Pollution is becoming a huge problem in Delhi. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal went for Vipassana, leaving people dying in the poisonous air caused by pollution. Would he mind telling me the benefit of it? How did the Vipassana tour help the people of Delhi get away from pollution? The BJP-led central government planned for rapid transport service in Delhi, but the Delhi government is not able to pay its share and is spending money on ads. The Kejriwal government is focusing on advertising rather than providing facilities to the public. The central government is operating electric buses to prevent further damage caused by pollution.

Inequality In Delhi

Increasing inequality in income has become a big problem in Delhi. The government has to ensure that the poor do not become poorer. Prime Minister Modi has launched several projects to tackle poverty. So many people have been able to come into the middle class from poverty. The Svanidhi Scheme and Mudra Scheme also played a crucial role in encouraging people towards self-employment.

The youth leader of the BJP in Delhi, Ravi Tiwari, pointed out these issues while speaking to the public. The BJP in Delhi has taken some steps to tackle these challenges. The BJP has launched many schemes and projects to generate new employment, reduce pollution, and decrease income inequality.

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